Internship at the Model Workshop

Facade model Alte Dreherei

After my job as an aircraft mechanic, I completed a two-week internship at the very likeable family-owned model workshop Preisendörfer GmbH, in the department of technical modeling, specialisation of display modelling.

Under the guidance of the two masters and business owners (father and daughter), to whom I am very much indebted, I supported their daily operation and also had the chance to make a small model for myself, that represented the facade of the Alte Dreherei in Mühlheim/Ruhr . For this I made a preliminary drawing by hand and with drawing ink on the drawing board. This drawing was then translated into two CAD stencils and the model was lasered. Finally, the miniature facade got painted.

Pre-study internship model making at Preisendörfer Modellbau GmbH

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