Research Architecture: OMA/AMO for the magazine WIRED

presentation: WIRED-issue by AMO

The seminar Research Architecture: The Case of OMA / AMO, focused on the changed role of the architect’s profession: Due to an increasing liberalisation on employment and the volatile order situation, the fields of activity of the competitive profession inevitably extend beyond the classical building. Like no other, the Rotterdam office OMA faces up to these new tasks and founded already in 1999 with AMO its non-architectural branch as curator, author and above all as a researcher. The (mostly unpaid) research work has always played an important role in architecture. In order to sharpen the research skills, it is up to the seminar participants to examine the various projects of AMO in detail. I dealt, together with Anna Dietz, with the journalistic work of AMO for the US magazine WIRED (study, relaunch strategies, AMO edition). Our findings were summarized in a joint presentation and a written homework.

→full text:paper Report on the research of AMO‘s Wired project 

Seminar: Research Architecture: The Case of OMA/AMO at igma.
Working group: Dennis Baganz & Anna Dietz

Lecturers: Ph.D. MA Zsuzsanna Stánitz, Prof. Dr. phil. Stephan Trüby

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