Summer Workshop WaVe 2017 IUAV


The WaVe workshop is now an established event highlight in the curriculum of the IUAV University and has – according to themselves – already become the largest workshop for architecture students at a university of its kind worldwide. Every summer, 1300 students come together for three weeks, who, under the guidance of invited, international, renowned architects, are to deal with the same topic in several working groups. At the end of the three-week working phase, a competition is created with a subsequent exhibition in which each working group presents its contribution to the public.


This year’s topic was ‘Syria – the making of the future’ and looked at possible approaches to a reconstruction after a war, as it currently takes place in Syria. The workshop was accompanied by guest lectures (including Kengo Kuma) and discussions. Our workroom of 40 students was led by the renowned architect Ammar Khammash from Amman / Jordan, who inspired us all from the beginning. Not least thanks to him and his assistant Filippo De Dominicis, we were able to convince the jury and the fellow students of the entire university, who at the end of the workshop honoured our workshop as the best. In several small groups, we worked out ideas for how the city of Hama in Syria could be rebuilt.


My workgroup and me, in particular dealt with the topic of participatory urban planning and tried to promote an app as its instrument for implementation. We accompanied the workshop/workroom process with the development of a facebook-page, which documented the progress.

Panorama workroom

International summer workshop. working group: Dennis Baganz & Felix Erol Abiral & Maha Benhachmi & Laura Boliter & Marta Dal Pozzo & Mattia Grigolato & Marco Guidetti & Rachael Leslie & Lina Pleyer

academic guidance: Ammar Khammash, Filippo De Dominicis

Further Projects