Antonioni and Architecture – a Relation between Reality and Fiction

Venice International University

The paper examines the importance of the architectural film set for the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni (1912 – 2007) in his cinematographic work based on the films La Notte, L’Eclisse and Zabriskie Point. Here, the thematic priorities: alienation, incommunicability, emotional sickness are echoed in the empty street scenes and landscapes where his characters aimlessly wander around.

The seminar paper was my exam achievement for a course on the history of the young republic of Italy that I attented at the quasi-private university VIU in Venice. The history course was quite special in the terms that one approached the topic with selected film examples, which in turn reflected the a respective era in Italy’s history. So we came to a total of 6 more or less well-known films, which were worked out and looked at together in the first week. In-depth presentations by the students and time-specific topics by the professor complemented the series. In the subsequent week, we finally discussed the films and their treated subjects altogether in international discussion groups.

→full text: paper Antonioni and Architecture – a relation between reality and fiction(Englisch)


Seminar:  Italian Contemporary History in Films at VIU

Lecturer:  Prof. Luca Pes

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